Compaq Presario SR Specifications

Compaq Presario SR specifications

BUS type, graphic card speed and memory slots specs.

You found the “Compaq presario sr” at Shopping. Shop By Department. Clothing. Women; Men; Girls. Product specifications are obtained from third parties. Compaq Presario SR1703WM Motherboard w/ CPU. Item Description. Motherboard specifications table. Motherboard specifications are subject to change without notice. Support & drivers for Compaq offerings, include Presario notebooks & laptops, desktops, and computer accessories. Compaq Presario SR1750NX Desktop PC Product Specifications. Hardware: Software: Warranty: Product number. EL445AA. Introduction date. 27-Nov-2005. System Specs for Compaq Presario SR5113WM: Type of System: Desktops/Servers: Bus Architecture: USB: CPU Type: 1.9 GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 (AM2) System Memory Manufactured to Exact RAM OEM Specifications ; Toll-Free Technical Support; Lifetime Warranty. How many banks and sockets does my Compaq Presario SR Series have? Compaq Presario Presario SR5152NX SR5152NX PC Quick Specs AMD Athlon. 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor Processor 4000 1 Genuine WindowsTM Vista Home Premium Compaq PRESARIO 5321SR Compaq P/N: 470019-711 UPC: 720591114732: Standard Features. All hardware and software specifications subject to change without notice. How many banks and sockets does my Compaq Presario SR Series have. Manufactured to Exact RAM OEM Specifications ; Toll-Free Technical Support; Lifetime Warranty; Shopping for a new Desktop Computer? Find the specs that count for the Compaq Presario SR1010Z

CNET Reviews’ in-depth product review includes full specifications of the HP Compaq Presario 2100. Slots 2.0 x PC Card ( 1.0 free ), 1.0 x Memory. Comparison shop for Compaq presario sr2034nx Desktop Computers in Computers & Software. Product specifications are obtained from merchants or third parties. Detailed specs for the Compaq Presario SR1575CL. not yet a member of the gdgt community? sign up Memory upgrade for Compaq Presario Computer, and all Compaq Computer Memory. Find Upgrade specification for Compaq Presario SR2020NX Computer, and all other Compaq. Compaq Presario SR1719UK Desktop PC review. This computer has specifications that not too long ago would only have been seen in a top end machine. Compaq Presario Laptop Specs by David Weedmark, Demand Media. The Compaq Presario, manufactured HP, is classified as a mid-sized laptop designed for home use.

Detailed specs for the Compaq Presario SR5605F. Memory and storage (basic) System RAM 1 GB; Hard drive(s) 250 GB (total) Platter Support & drivers for Compaq offerings, include Presario notebooks & laptops, desktops, and computer accessories. Crucial. Memory Advisor results for the HP – Compaq Presario SR1103WM Desktop/PC. Forum; Chat; E-mail; Call; Share. Your Presario SR1103WM System Specs System. Compaq Presario SR1710NX Desktop PC Product Specifications. Hardware: Software: Warranty. Microsoft system restore; Detailed specs for the Compaq Presario SR5030NX. Close. x. RP gdgt. Find products ; Best gadgets; Best apps. System. Chipset Intel; Memory and storage (basic) Compaq Presario SR1010Z Desktop PC Product Specifications: 2 Mar 2010: Compaq Presario SR1000IL Desktop PC Product Specifications: 25 Feb 2010: HP and Compaq Desktop PCs. 1GB RAM Memory for Compaq Presario Models SR1110NX, SR1170NX, SR1222NX-B, SR1403WM. Network Attached Storage System/HTPC: A list by J. Garnett make a good.

Models with specifications: SR1000IL SR1000T SR1000V SR1000Z SR1002LA SR1005T SR1009NL SR1010AN SR1010IL SR1010LA SR1010NX SR1010T SR1010V SR1010Z SR1011NX SR1012NX SR1019ES SR1019FR SR1020CF SR1020FR SR1020IL SR1020KR SR1020NL SR1020NX SR1020T SR1020V SR1020Z SR1023WM SR1028AP SR1028HK SR1029ES SR1030AN SR1030FR SR1030IL SR1030LA SR1030NX SR1030V SR1030Z SR1033WM SR1034NX SR1039ES SR1040AN SR1040FR SR1044BB SR1048HK SR1050AP SR1050NL SR1050NX SR1053WM SR1055CL SR1055IN SR1060AN SR1060AP SR1070AN SR1070AP SR1070KR SR1070NL SR1080AN SR1080CF SR1080UK SR1088AP SR1090NX SR1100AP SR1100CF SR1101CF SR1102BD SR1103WM SR1105IL SR1108AL SR1110AL SR1110IL SR1110NX SR1111NX SR1112BD SR1113NX SR1114NX SR1115CL SR1117FR SR1118HK SR1120AP SR1120NX SR1123WM SR1124NX SR1126NX SR1130AP SR1130NX SR1132CU SR1135AP SR1135CL SR1150NX SR1151NX SR1155AP SR1170NX SR1175AP SR1179ES SR1182KR SR1200NX SR1208AL SR1208AN SR1210AL SR1210LA SR1210NX SR1211NX SR1212NX SR1214NX SR1215CB SR1215CL SR1216AL SR1218AP SR1218NX SR1219AL SR1220AP SR1220KR SR1220NX SR1221RS SR1222NX SR1224NX SR1226NX SR1228AN SR1228AP SR1228HK SR1230AP SR1230NX SR1232OM SR1234NX SR1238AP SR1240AP SR1248AN SR1248HK SR1249IT SR1249UK SR1250CF SR1250KR SR1250NX SR1260AP SR1260KR SR1265CL SR1268AN SR1268HK SR1270KR SR1278AN SR1280AP SR1280KR SR1299AN SR1300AN SR1300CF SR1300IL SR1300NX SR1303WM SR1305CF SR1307AL SR1308AL SR1308OM SR1309RS SR1310IL SR1310KR SR1310TL SR1311KR SR1311NX SR1313CL SR1315CL SR1315IL SR1315TW SR1316NX SR1318HK SR1318NX SR1319RS SR1320AN SR1320CF SR1320IL SR1320KR SR1320NX SR1320TW SR1325CF SR1325TW SR1328HK SR1330IL SR1330KR SR1330NX SR1330TW SR1334NX SR1335KR SR1340AP SR1348HK SR1350AP SR1350IN SR1350NX SR1360AN SR1360CF SR1360KR SR1365CF SR1365CL SR1368HK SR1380AN SR1390TW SR1399AN SR1400AN SR1400CF SR1400IL SR1401NX SR1402IL SR1403WM SR1405CF SR1405IN SR1407AL SR1408AL SR1408HL SR1408HM SR1409AL SR1410AP SR1410NX SR1411KR SR1411NX SR1415LA SR1417CL SR1418HL SR1418LA SR1420AN SR1420AP SR1420CF SR1420IL SR1420LA SR1420NX SR1420TW SR1420UK SR1425CF SR1425IL SR1426NX SR1428OM SR1429NX SR1430IL SR1430KR SR1430LA SR1430NX SR1430TW SR1435IL SR1440ND SR1440SF SR1440UK SR1448HK SR1449IT SR1450AP SR1450KR SR1460AN SR1460CF SR1460UK SR1463CL SR1465CF SR1470AP SR1470KR SR1475CL SR1479IT SR1490TW SR1499AN SR1499IT SR1500AN SR1500NX SR1500TW SR1502HM SR1502LS SR1503LS SR1503WM SR1504X SR1505IL SR1505LA SR1506AL SR1507AL SR1507FR SR1508AL SR1510AL SR1510NX SR1511NX SR1514NX SR1515IN SR1515LA SR1517CL SR1518IL SR1519X SR1520AN SR1520IL SR1520NX SR1522X SR1525IN SR1530IL SR1530KR SR1536NX SR1538X SR1550CF SR1550KR SR1550NX SR1560AN SR1560CF SR1563CL SR1570CF SR1570KR SR1575CL SR1580CF SR1599AN SR1600AN SR1601NX SR1602LS SR1603LS SR1603WM SR1605AL SR1606FR SR1607AL SR1608FR SR1610AL SR1610IL SR1610NX SR1610TW SR1611KR SR1611NX SR1614X SR1615LA SR1616NX SR1617CL SR1617LA SR1620AN SR1620AP SR1620IL SR1620LA SR1620NX SR1625NX SR1630IL SR1630NX SR1638NX SR1640AP SR1650KR SR1650NX SR1655CF SR1660AN SR1660CF SR1670CF SR1670KR SR1675CL SR1677CF SR1677IT SR1680CF SR1680TW SR1699AN SR1700Z SR1701FR SR1702FR SR1702LS SR1703LS SR1703WM SR1704CF SR1705FR SR1705IL SR1707WM SR1711NX SR1717CL SR1717LA SR1718IL SR1720CF SR1720KR SR1720LA SR1720NX SR1722X SR1726NX SR1730T SR1730TW SR1730Z SR1734X SR1738NX SR1740TW SR1750NX SR1755KR SR1755NX SR1760TW SR1769NL SR1779IT SR1780AN SR1781CF SR1789CF SR1790CF SR1791CF SR1792CF SR1793CF SR1794CF SR1795CF SR1796CF SR1797CF SR1798CF SR1799CF SR1800NX SR1802HM SR1803WM SR1804FR SR1806FR SR1807CL SR1807FR SR1809FR SR1810NX SR1811NX SR1815LA SR1817CL SR1820NX SR1830NX SR1834NX SR1838NX SR1900AP SR1900NX SR1900Z SR1901AP SR1901LS SR1901WM SR1902HM SR1902LS SR1903AP SR1903LS SR1903WM SR1904AP SR1905AP SR1905LA SR1907CL SR1910CF SR1911X SR1912CF SR1913WM SR1915CF SR1915LA SR1917CL SR1917LA SR1918CF SR1918LA SR1920LA SR1922AP SR1922X SR1923WM SR1927ES SR1928CF SR1930T SR1930Z SR1935AN SR1936X SR1954NX SR1955CF SR1958CF SR1965CF SR1966CF SR1968CF SR1970CF SR1971CF SR1972CF SR1973CF SR1974CF SR1975CF SR1976CF SR1979CF SR1980CF SR1981CF SR1982CF SR1983CF SR1984CF SR1985CF SR1986CF SR1988AP SR1988CF SR1989CF SR1995CF SR1998CF SR2000Z SR2001LS SR2001NX SR2002X SR2003FR SR2003LS SR2006NX SR2009IT SR2010NX SR2011WM SR2013WM SR2014HM SR2017CL SR2018LA SR2020LA SR2020NX SR2023WM SR2027X SR2030NX SR2030T SR2030Z SR2032X SR2034NX SR2037X SR2038X SR2039X SR2041X SR2044NX SR2050NX SR2054X SR2059ES SR2101LS SR2102FR SR2102LS SR2103ES SR2103LS SR2104LA SR2105FR SR2105IT SR2106FR SR2107FR SR2108FR SR2109ES SR2109IT SR2109UK SR2115LA SR2117LA SR2118LA SR2119ES SR2119NL SR2119SC SR2125UK SR2127ES SR2129ES SR2129IT SR2129SC SR2137ES SR2139ES SR2139NL SR2147ES SR2149ES SR2149NL SR2149UK SR2150NX SR2159ES SR2159IT SR2159NL SR2163WM SR2168HM SR2169ES SR2169NL SR2170NX SR2172NX SR2173WM SR2175X SR2177CL SR2179ES SR2180NX SR2264WM SR2308LA SR5001LS SR5002HM SR5003LS SR5004LA SR5005LA SR5010NX SR5012AL SR5013AP SR5013WM SR5015AP SR5015LA SR5016HK SR5017LA SR5020CF SR5020LA SR5023WM SR5027CL SR5030NX SR5034X SR5050NX SR5060CF SR5063CF SR5065CF SR5066CF SR5070CF SR5071CF SR5072CF SR5073CF SR5080CF SR5083CF SR5085CF SR5086CF SR5088CF SR5091CF SR5092CF SR5102HM SR5103LS SR5108HK SR5109NX SR5110CF SR5110CN SR5110NX SR5111CF SR5112CF SR5113WM SR5115CF SR5115CL SR5117LA SR5118CF SR5118HK SR5120CF SR5121CF SR5122CF SR5123CF SR5123WM SR5124CF SR5125CL SR5127CL SR5130NX SR5135CL SR5136CL SR5138CL SR5152NX SR5158CN SR5199CF SR5202HM SR5210CF SR5211CF SR5212CF SR5213HK SR5214X SR5215CF SR5218CF SR5218HK SR5220IL SR5223WM SR5233HK SR5233WM SR5234X SR5237CL SR5250AP SR5250CF SR5253HK SR5254X SR5262NX SR5273CF SR5275AP SR5278CF SR5286CF SR5290CF SR5292CF SR5296CF SR5298CF SR5302FH SR5310F SR5313HK SR5313WM SR5333HK SR5333WM SR5340CX SR5350AP SR5350F SR5351AP SR5352AP SR5353HK SR5355AP SR5402FH SR5404F SR5410F SR5413WM SR5415CF SR5420IL SR5421F SR5433WM SR5448F SR5450F SR5470AN SR5501P SR5502FH SR5505F SR5507F SR5508F SR5510CF SR5510F SR5511CF SR5512CF SR5513CF SR5515CF SR5518CF SR5518F SR5531ES SR5548F SR5550F SR5552F SR5556AP SR5558D SR5559D SR5601P SR5602FH SR5604F SR5605F SR5606F SR5608F SR5610CF SR5610F SR5611CF SR5611F SR5612CF SR5612F SR5613CF SR5613WM SR5614F SR5615CF SR5616F SR5618CF SR5633WM SR5635ES SR5648F SR5702F SR5703WM SR5705F SR5707C SR5708F SR5710CF SR5710F SR5710Y SR5711CF SR5712CF SR5712F SR5713CF SR5715CF SR5718CF SR5718F SR5770KL SR5780D SR5807C SR5810LA SR5816F SR5837CX SR5859HK SR5908F.